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August 2011

Dear Friends

Well we are now over half way through 2011, how time flies this year certainly has. It has been 19 months since we moved into the Retford area. We have had to adjust from city life to the more rural scene. But I must say I do enjoy the laid back relaxed approach to life here. It must be an age thing!

So far this year I have not been able to do much traveling and itinerant ministry. I have on the whole stayed local to help the Church. The Church has been going through a tough period so I have been more on the ground helping with the day to day ministry. What started as half time became full time plus as we navigated some very turbulent waters. In a nut shell, the pastor was suspended and then resigned. He has since has his ministry status withdrawn. Through it all we have sought to keep our eyes upon Jesus and have known his enabling and encouragement. Please continue to pray for the situation as we as a body seek the Lords direction for the way forward.

This has seen a big increase into an area of ministry that has always been a big love of mine, Schools. Most days in the past few months I have been taking School assemblies all around Retford and the surrounding the areas. The Gospel magic tricks works so well as a visual tool to teach the Gospel and the children respond to the Magic man that is their name for me.

Talking of magic, it was great to be at the Fellowship of Christian Magicians (UK) conference again. It is always a great week of fellowship, encouragement, fun, learning, lots of banter and of course lecturing. Next year is marks the 25Th anniversary we have been in existence, so we are planning a mega conference to celebrate the event.

I did manage an overseas trip from March 31st to April 4th to Albania. Where I was working with ‘The Children’s Camping network’, who every summer they fun a series of summer camps for poor children in the former communist country. The camps are full of activities for the children plus the opportunity to hear the Gospel message. Many give their lives to the Lord during these times.

I was there to teach the children workers some basic Gospel tricks and visual aids. This was a first as far as we know for the Country. It was great fun seeing their amazed faces as they learned how to do them for themselves. Due to some donations (thanks to those who donated) I was able to leave a whole bunch of tricks that will be used to reach thousands of children this summer.

I also enjoyed being able to some outreach on the beach amongst those playing football. The visual aids were the bait to get them into the youth meeting to which some of them came. Even after all these years of ministry, children’s work is still a key area for me. How I pray that more men would get involved and become role models to so many from fatherless background. In September Christine and myself will be going to Romania, this is ministry trip organized by Harry Barrett of Puppet Factory. The weekend is to train, equip and encourage children’s workers. This seems to be a large conference and it will be their first introduction to Gospel magic visual aids. It is exciting how many children and adults will be reached with the Gospel by these workers over the coming years.If your interested in tricks then visit

Later this year in November there is a return to Turkey to conduct some International leader’s schools of ministry in 3 areas. This is a follow up to the visit of last year. The good news is the effects from of the last visit are still ongoing. A man received healing when he forgave his mother for her treatment of him as a boy. The healing continued into his family. He went and asked his wife for forgiveness and from children for being a bad father. God moved not only in that household but in the church. In Turkey it is seen as a sign of weakness to ask anyone for forgiveness. This was a great act of the Holy Spirit.

Now we are looking to see what the Lord will do in this land that has had so much of the Bible live in it, and is now desperate for a move of God.

Going Deeper Days These days are one of the high lights of each month. This is a day once a month that our friends John and Margaret from the Well Baptist Church along with Christine and myself host mainly for leaders. The object is simply meeting with God in a fresh way. What started with just 12 people is now grown to over 50 people from afar, from all different backgrounds and churches come to seek ‘His face’ and God turns up! It has been amazing to see the Lord at work, healing, restoring and refreshing His people. Why not look at coming and joining us.

India had been on hold but hopefully later on this year. We will visit our projects and also conduct some Pastors and leaders conferences in 3 different areas. Maybe you and your church would like to partner with us by helping to sponsor one of these conferences. They last 3 days and are for the spiritual teaching and encouragement of leaders working in very difficult situations with very little resources.

Do keep us in your prayers. Prayer support and back up is so important it cannot be underestimated; it is all part of working together in the purposes of the Kingdom of God. One thing we are continually being reminded of is that it is all about Him and it is an Honor to be a co labourer with each other and above all with Him.

Be encouraged to keep your eyes upon Him in every situation that you are facing, He is the one who is able to walk you through in His strength and bring you to the other side.

May you walk in His blessing to be a blessing.

Paul and Christine Morley



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