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European ministry has taken place in Spain, Italy, Austria, Greece, Hungary, and the Ukraine. In each of these countries there has been much ministry on the ‘Father Heart of God’.

Christine has been involved in leader’s wives meetings, where she has taught the ladies the love that the Father has for them and their worth in the Kingdom of God as women of God. This was needful because of the culture of these people. Women often are regarded as second class citizens, even in the Kingdom of God !

In Hungary the work there has been amongst Gypsy groups who have come to Christ as the result of hearing the Gospel. The ongoing work and a Help Programme is led by our good friends from Morecambe, Steve and Carrie Mathews

In the days ahead we are praying much about the land of Turkey. Turkey is a nation rich in Biblical history full of old and new testament events. The churches of the book of revelation are in modern Turkey. Sadly little is happening in the great land where the gospel message is concerned. We are seeking the Lord as for future involvement.



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